Hello prospective member,

We eleven volunteers as co-founders of this unique initiative welcome to you to join the Club. This is not just another club. What we have here is Collaborative Learning for Ultimate Betterment (CLUB) in Public Relations. We are passionately calling it the PR CLUB. Come, invest in your future!

Any professional of any age with a basic understanding of Public Relations who wishes to gain new expertise and a different type of exposure, can join. We will focus on one theme every month, so at least 10 themes are covered over one year. The format is straightforward. Two to three hours from 2.00 pm in the afternoon on the first and third Saturday are devoted for learning, where members join in, to listen to a resource person and then are guided into exercises or interactions with clear learning outcomes. For each month we intend partnering with a different organisation or association so 10 partners will help deliver these modules. There will be an aspect of gamification. Members who attend sessions get points and at the end of the year those with highest points are rewarded handsomely to the tune of Rs 50,000 in kind. Those details will follow. Additionally, we are exploring a partnership with an Indian or international academy or institute to run a test for those who want to opt in at the end of 11 months and get an additional certification for a small fee. 

The themes that will be covered are Writing Skills, Campaign Planning, Crisis Management, Communication Strategy, Public Affairs, Media Relations, Responsible Professionalism, Video Storytelling, Digital Proficiency and Understanding Ethics. Members get to attend these sitting in the comfort of your home or office. During the course of the year members will also have to compulsorily read one book on Public Relations that they purchase online in September and write a review, publish at least one blog on a topic related to the profession and submit one campaign plan as per the guidance of the resource person (either individually or as a team) in order to achieve learning goals. There is an opt-in to create a personal website as part of collaborative learning. We will partner with two digital firms to be able to offer this service at a deep discount. There will be two virtual catch-ups in January and July which will be lighter months. Besides access to learning, the members also get other benefits including 50% discounts to at least two online events and in future some offline events from partner organisations. 

So, go ahead and take that step to be part of history. Every member joining in 2020 will be designated as a Founding Member in the yearbook that will be published later in 2020. Fill the Click to Join form on the home page and you will receive a link to make a payment.

The Co-Founders