PRep Talk Podcast

The PRep Talk Podcast is a platform for budding PR professionals, by young PR professionals.

Every season of the podcast hosts conversations on careers in PR, particularly what the first few years look like. The Podcast gives unfiltered, behind the scenes insights on careers in PR.

Find All Seasons of the Podcast Here: 

PR Club Learning

The PR Club is a virtual community of corporate communications and PR professionals for continued learning & advocating the profession of PR

Experts who share knowledge as per a calendar with a learning leader curating each month’s module.

10 Months. 10 Themes. 20 Sessions. Over 400 members since 2020.


#PRforPR is an initiative to encourage talented youngsters to join the PR profession. 

We engage with educational institutions to host seminars, lecture series, workshops & masterclasses on PR & Corporate Communications. Over the last 5 years, we have worked with nearly 50 institutes to engage the future talent of PR. Speak at our #PRforPR Sessions: